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knk Customer Engagement GmbH is a young and dynamic start-up within the knk Group. Our emphasis lies on the business areas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation and Social Engagement, with a focus on the publishing and media sector.

Company Philosophy

This is how we work with you – „Connect. Engage. Inspire.“

As future providers we will secure your customer success. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology, but stay down-to-earth and likeable at the same time.

Our work is focused on providing our customers with security during the change process. We ask a lot. That is why we are sometimes a little demanding and “cost time”. However, we listen carefully.

As experts in the publishing and media sector, we will support you during your digital transformation. As we know the ropes with modern technologies, we can offer you the security you need. We know your challenges. We analyze your problems and tasks thoroughly, and develop individual approaches together with you

The knk Group 

As part of the knk Group we do not just ensure that you can work with the latest Microsoft technologies, but also help you to apply them to the publishing and media sector. We see ourselves as the Microsoft Partner for publishers and as the future provider for modern software solutions.

knk Customer Engagement GmbH

We, as knk Customer Engagement, support you in putting your customers into focus, to communicate effectively with you during the whole customer journey and build long-term customer loyalty.

Alexander Woge, Managing Director of knk Customer Engagement GmbH about the team vision: 

“CRM and Marketing Automation are areas, where publishers have to catch up compared to other industries. For real customer proximity has been neglected for many years in my view. You can only keep up with big players, such as Amazon, if you really know your customers and address them at the right time with the right message. Many publishers do not yet know, which extensive opportunities the Microsoft stack offers. At this point we want to begin and shape the future by the use of not yet commonplace technologies, such as Machine Learning.”


The founding of knk Customer Engagement was a strategic decision by the knk Group to develop further business practices beside the large business area of publishing software.

CRM, Marketing Automation and Social Engagement are young areas that have been transforming continuously, and have become more and more significant for many publishing and media houses. This required new, creative minds that can react on these rapidly changing technological challenges.

Backed by the extensive experiences with the publishing and media sector of the knk Group, we can promise to offer the best technology and consulting services for our customers.

Our Team

Knut Nicholas Krause
Knut Nicholas KrauseManaging Director knk Group
Knut Nicholas Krause, M.SC., CEO and founder of knk, has been an IT consultant for medium-sized companies since 1986.

As son of a head of department at “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) he founded knk in 1988 and specialized in the development of knkPublishing, the only publishing software certified by Microsoft worldwide.

He is an idea provider and visionary, who has extensive knowledge about trends within the publishing industry and integrates them into the further development of knkPublishing.

Alexander Woge
Alexander WogeManaging Director and Founder
Alexander Woge has been working for the knk Group since 2009. After laying the foundation for several successful introductory projects of knkPublishing in the areas Sales & Consulting, he early specialized in CRM and Marketing Automation. He has lead the area of CRM solutions within knk Business Software AG since 2016. He supports publishers to reach their target groups more efficiently and to strengthen customer relations with modern CRM systems.

His specialty field is the implementation of the latest Microsoft technologies – particularly CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Engagement and Community Building – for the publishing and media sector.

Mats Necker
Mats Necker Managing Director and Founder
Mats Necker has been working for the knk Group since 2010. He supported implementations and customizations in different international publishing projects and provided publishing-specific consulting. As team leader within software development he has been responsible for introductory projects for publishing software and has been responsible for CRM-specific product development.

Besides project business, innovation promotion and evaluation of new technologies belong to his main tasks. At the center of this area is the goal to survey new technologies regarding their usability and the added value for the publishing and media industry. Thus, he supports publishers to stay up to date with the latest technical standards.