knk365 Market Insights

Your Publishing Solution for AI-based Social Media Management

Make best use of your social media channels for your marketing activities and reach new potential readers.

knk365 Market Insights enables the central and easy management of your social media channels. Identify your influencers easily and advertise them individually.

The solution enables you to follow the latest trends and to match your content planning with your readers’ interests.

Your challenges – Our solutions

knk365 Market Insights enables you to analyze how your authors perform on your social media channels. The solution allows you to measure how your brand and your content is received by your customers and prospects on social media, and thus derive suitable marketing measures from your results.

Use your social media channels for effective target group oriented marketing. By using knk365 Market Insights you won’t leave that potential untapped.

Appropriate marketing campaigns for each of your channels will enable you to win new potential readers more easily and to hold existing customers to your content. Promote your authors and events in a targeted manner and measure the success of your campaigns.

Don’t leave any potential unexploited. knk365 Market Insights helps you to gain insight into which content offers added value to your target group, to share it with your followers. The solution even suggests which content, prepared by other persons, about certain areas of interest, you should share to generate more coverage.

Use the analysis options offered by knk365 Market Insights and identify important influencers expressing their opinions about your authors, titles or brands more easily.

Drop the acquired information directly into your CRM System with one single click and edit the obtained data in one central place. Integrate the approach of these influencers into your marketing campaigns and focus your attention on them, e.g. by invitations to your favorite authors’ readings or by sending review copies of new titles.

Effective influencer marketing enables you to increase your sales permanently.

knk365 Market Insights enables you to carry out effective trend analyses across different social media channels.

Determine the latest trends in certain topics of your publisher via an automated query. From that, you can derive the areas for which you should still produce content in your editorial department.

knk365 Market Insights measures suspicious key words or a high volume of comments related to your postings in your social media channels.

By using this integrated security mechanism you will be warned of potential problems and can take countermeasures immediately.

Benefits Market Insights

Your benefits at a glance

Advertise your content effectively on your social media channels and increase your coverage, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Co. – manage all your accounts centrally.

Manage the different social media channels of your imprints and brands centrally in knk365 Market Insights. Furthermore, intelligent wizards suggest suitable content to share, depending on the channel and the target group.  

Identify important influencers by using the analysis options of knk365 Market Insights, and transfer the obtained information with one single click into your Dynamics 365 CRM system. That way you can integrate your influencers into your marketing activities.

knk365 Market Insights enables you to share relevant content with your followers to generate a high coverage.

Prevent problems and react quickly to potential abnormalities in your social media channels. Analyze certain phrases or whole subject areas.