knk365 Audience Building

Direct link to your end customers.

Gather your customer data with our Audience Building solution at a central place and find out what your audience is interested in. Create personas for each customer and enable thereby personalized customer communication and content display. That way you bind your customers to your content, your authors and your brands long-term.

The perfect basis for your marketing automation

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knk Audience Building
Benefits Audience Building

Your benefits with
knk365 Audience Building

knk365 Audience Building enables you to gather your audience data centrally within your CRM software. Build your audience based on your data and create a direct link to your end customers.

Increase your brand loyalty (author, imprints, publisher) by winning loyal customers for certain topics.

Thanks to knk365 Audience Building, you won’t just sell your products but use the practice of upselling. For example, you might offer tickets for an author reading along with your product.

Create transparency by an extensive view of your customers by merging all touchpoints within your system.

Use the publishing solution to build personas for your marketing actions.

Use machine learning to build clusters and assign them to your marketing automation software.

Your Challenges – Our Solutions

knk365 Audience Building offers you a platform that saves all interactions with all customers under an ID. Behind this explicit identification named knkID you will receive an almost complete picture of your customer. This knkID can be used not only for existing customers but also for prospective customers and leads.

By entering the customer journey early and extensively you can get to know your customers via detailed analyses and prognoses.

knk365 Audience Building enables to make a visitor’s customer journey visible and to control it purposefully.

Increase the conversion rates and offer your authors direct communication channels to their readers or increase your customer loyalty. knk365 Audience Building offers you tools that help you increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Two fundamental components are the prerequisites to bind your customers to your content long-term: You have to know your customers well and you have to interact with them personally. We have developed knk365 Audience Building to reach these goals efficiently

knk365 Audience Building offers you new options to look at your customers from different angles at the same time, and to use these insights automatically. By intelligent clusters and the derivation of personas, you will gain an ideal framework to interact with a mass of customers individually.

As you know exactly what your personas are interested in and what they expect, you can produce individual content purposefully and provide your customers with it. At the same time, Marketing Automation helps you customize all advertising activities. That way you will reach higher identification and commitment to your brand, your content and your authors with a high number of customers.

With knk365 Audience Building you can understand your customer journey.

You will discover how a customer has become aware of different content (mailing, affiliate marketing, banner, etc.). The solution will help you to gather and standardize customer touchpoints, such as shopping basket cancellation, test reading tools and website tracking. By intelligent evaluations and continuous improvement of clusters and personas via Machine Learning you will build the ideal basis for your Marketing Automation action.

4 Steps to successful audience building

Audience Building - Identify


Increase identification rate:

  • Identification of visitors due to Google Analytics ID and creation of clear knkID in CRM system
  • Transfer of Google Analytics Data into CRM system
  • Storage of content visitor sequences and periods
  • Link between Facebook- and Instagram Users per pixel with knkID
Audience Building - Arrow


Gather information and bundle them within personas:

  • Creation of personas in CRM system
  • Allocation of knkID to personas
  • Use of scoring models about customer insights
Audience Building - Qualify
Audience Building - Arrow
Audience Building - Interact



Increase conversion rate & CLV

  • Automated running of personalized marketing actions
  • Adaptation of content for each knkID depending on the persona
  • Determination of marketing actions depending on persona and history of knkID
Audience Building - Arrow



Win opt-ins for marketing actions for visitors:

  • Creation of marketing lists based on behavior of knkIDs (depending on persona, surfing behavior, data in CRM system)
  • Use of marketing lists via all channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, email)
Audience Building - Convert