Our Publishing Solution for your Marketing Automation

Would you like to provide your customers with the right content, at the right time on the appropriate channel?

Then you should automate your communication processes to address your target groups. This personalized, perfectly timed customer approach helps you to win new readers for your products. Furthermore, you will strengthen the relationships between existing readers and loyal subscribers.

knk365 Marketing Automation enables you to analyze the results of your marketing campaigns efficiently, and react earlier to your customers’ wishes. The following cases from a typical publisher’s work routine describe how you can cope with your publishing-specific marketing challenges with our solution. knk365 Marketing Automation optimizes your marketing processes – regardless of your target group.

knk Marketing Automation

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Your challenges – Our solutions

Your readers are early risers or night owls? They prefer to read your publications mostly on public transport on their way to work? Absolutely no problem.

Even if your customer is searching for content about a specific topic or buying your products at 3 am, knk365 Marketing Automation helps you to contact your customer at that very moment, on the appropriate channel. There is no limit to the possibilities: Distribute thematically-linked ads, product recommendations for similar literature, focused advertising on your authors or an offer for an event. As a result, you will reach your customer at exactly the right time, generate a greater long-term revenue and deepen your customer loyalty.

knk365 Marketing Automation enables cross selling that is tailor-made for your particular customers.

Use the power of cross- und upselling! Link, for example, the sale of a book to a suitable offer for articles from the non-book area or for a discount at an author-reading. Efficient recommendation marketing helps you to present even your digital products and online platforms in the right light.

Inform booksellers specifically about new publications and increase the efficiency of your digital preview mailings.

knk365 Marketing Automation helps you easily enrich information about your booksellers with additional data such as thematic priorities and regional features. Thus, you can send perfectly appropriate digital and physical preview packages. That way, you can place many of your titles on the bookseller’s shelves and support the work of your publishing representatives.

knk365 Marketing Automation enables you to manage all your internal marketing processes centrally and to organize them inter-divisionally.

Ensure that your marketing, sales, and your press departments complement each other optimally. Additionally, your social media team should always be up to date concerning the most important issues.

Provide all departments with a transparent overview of scheduled press releases, current marketing campaigns, important author readings or planned sales promotions. This transparency also helps your key account managers prepare for upcoming meetings. Thus, your titles can be marketed to large bookstore chains in the most efficient way.

As a specialist publisher, you already know your customers and your requirements very well. Through your specialization, you are already offering your customers a broad product portfolio of specialist topics optimized for your target groups.  However, this diversity and the resulting opportunities are not known to all your customers?

In this case, knk365 Marketing Automation will help you to optimize the sharing of information with your customers, to market webinars and events on specialist topics and to position yourself on all channels as the expert in your specialist area.

Events of all kinds have become an important revenue driver for publishers in recent years. Use the full revenue potential of your events and find the optimal target group for your new event formats with the integrated scoring functions of knk365 Marketing Automation. That way you can calculate revenue potential quickly and effectively and never again miss an opportunity.

Increase efficiencies in preparing and organizing your events: For instance, you can automate the registration for an event via Microsoft portals and bundle all information relevant to the event for your customers. It is even possible to distribute personalized agendas, route descriptions and attendance confirmations via knk365 Marketing Automation. Thus, your employees save a lot of time that they can invest instead in the development of new formats or campaigns.

Use the full functionality of knk365 Marketing Automation to optimize the conversion rate from trial subscriptions to normal subscriptions.

Automatically send personalized welcome mailings and relevant, target-group-specific additional information to retain your trial subscribers over the long term. Remind trial subscribers of the test period’s expiry in good time, by providing them with the latest offers and attractive discounts to increase the numbers of long-term subscribers and to generate more revenue in the long run. All communication is planned and standardized in advance. Thus it is not necessary for your service team to adjust anything manually.


Benefits Marketing Automation

Your benefits with knk365 Marketing Automation

Support your (prospective) customers along the customer journey and provide them with automated, custom-fit content and offers.

Predict your customers’ interests and personalize your approach on every single channel. You will meet your customers in exactly the right circumstances and generate higher long-term revenue through customer loyalty.

Create convincing and seamless customer experiences and support them along the customer journey – from the first response to one of your marketing campaigns up to the communication with your sales team. Combine different channels and formats: from direct advertising, personalized emails or thematically-linked social media posts.

knk365 Marketing Automation helps you to increase the efficiency of your cross-selling. For example, you can advertise interesting proposals for events or articles from the non-book section when a customer buys a book or by specifically recommending complementary products.

knk365 Marketing Automation enables the central and easy management of all internal marketing processes. Thus, all involved departments are always coordinated optimally and you can see the synergy effects between different marketing activities.

The central administration of your booksellers and the enrichment of contacts with additional information in knk365 Marketing Automation enables you to send the appropriate digital and physical preview bundles and at the same time to reduce manual work steps to a minimum.

Plan and advertise your events (e.g. readings, seminars or digital formats such as webinars) with the scoring tool, simplify the sign-up for your customers and save money from automated distribution of information material.

Offer your authors a direct communication channel to their readers and enable perfectly tailored marketing activities.