Nowadays, customers expect a multi-channel approach
that serves their individual interests and delivers personalized campaigns.

Establishing a seamless customer journey and retaining and deepening valuable customer contacts. For media companies, this is an essential element for increasing sales. With the right approach, a comprehensive customer management model can release time and resources in the service and marketing departments.

knk365 Marketing Automation automates communication processes and thereby creates a sustainable platform for customer loyalty programs on all relevant channels. The system registers customer data and activities and helps to evaluate and translate them into meaningful content. CRM channels from acquisition e-mails to recommendation marketing can therefore be targeted to specific groups. Your own events can be advertised and promising leads can be converted into contacts. A platform that can successfully deepen the critical dialog with the customer!

Our solutions make it easy.

knk365 Marketing Automation enables you to provide individual customer interaction in real time. Personalized messages and dynamic content create a unique customer journey that shows your customers that you understand their needs and take their concerns seriously. The result: Loyal customers who feel they are in safe hands with you.

As a smart system, knk365 Marketing Automation generates customer-specific images and thematically-suitable products, events and offerings in order to engage the customer in a targeted manner. Content that is particularly valuable for your customers is automatically selected. This creates trust in your company and at the same time relieves your employees of tedious work.

With knk365 Marketing Automation, you can address potential participants in a targeted and automated fashion. Information on webinars and professional events can be distributed on all channels, and your company positions itself with its expertise in the field.

As a system, knk365 Marketing Automation offers you the chance to rate individual leads or to run company-based marketing campaigns. On this basis, leads can be qualified much more quickly.

Use the full functionality of knk365 Marketing Automation to optimize the conversion rate from trial to subscriptions: For example, send personalized welcome letters and group-specific additional information in an automated way, and remind them about current offers before the trial periods expire. All communication is standardized in advance – manual intervention by your team is no longer necessary.

There is an intelligent system behind it:
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Personalized, integrated customer approach
  • Cross-media campaign management
  • Qualify and accelerate valuable leads
  • Meaningful reports on marketing campaigns
  • Integrated event management
  • Traceability of the entire customer journey
  • Improved internal communication and transparency

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