When systems communicate with each other,
it is easier for teams to work together.

As an invisible intermediary between the various systems in publishing and media organizations , LION ensures that data is quickly and automatically reconciled and brought up to date. A solution that noticeably reduces the workload for all departments: There is no longer any need for error-prone and time-consuming data reconciliation, so that redundancies and inconsistencies can no longer arise in the system as when data is imported and exported manually.

LION connects ERP, CRM and other systems, reliably integrates custom apps and tools such as Mail or Office into the clouds of Microsoft, Google or AWS. Unlimited expansion options make LION a flexible, intelligent data provider – and help publishers prepare for the digital future.

Our solutions make it easy for you.

With LION, this is no problem: The data is automatically synchronized to all relevant systems. This means that everyone can work in the system they prefer to use.

LION takes care of that for you as well : LION can import and export data. If data records are changed or supplemented after import into the target system, they can be exported back to the source system.

LION has been optimized for large data volumes and can process up to 1 million data records across systems. All data relationships are kept intact, updates are continuously identified and transferred.

LION offers a reliable overview through protocols and continuous monitoring: So you know about the status of your data and interfaces, and can plan and respond better.

LION detects duplicate data before the import and can remove them via the Clearing Monitor.

LION does the relationship work: references within the data are preserved and reliably maintained across multiple systems.

LION not only takes care of a reliable regular data exchange, but also ensures speed in synchronization: If required, your data is imported in near-real time.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Easy setup, no infrastructure management required
  • Identifies data relationships in real time
  • Unlimited extensibility – high connectivity
  • Detects duplicates, tracks and updates changes
  • Imports and exports data from multiple sources (on-premise & cloud)
  • Keeps you in control with logs and regular monitoring

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