To take advantage of opportunities in social media,
media companies today must act quickly and methodically.

The trends in social media present new challenges to those responsible in media companies on a daily basis: The development of relevant posts, statements and reactions is time consuming, the dialog with customers must take place in real time if possible, and important communities require attention.

knk365 Social makes these tasks easier for you and supports you in acting effectively in social media. Your own activities and those of your competitors are analyzed and evaluated so that you can adapt your social media strategy to current trends, and your own goals and marketing plans. Powerful tools help you plan and create suitable content and post on the right platforms. This way, interested communities quickly become enthusiastic subscribers!

Our solutions makes it easy.

New trends and developments are often first visible in social media. knk365 Social identifies the relevant content and maps it for your marketing department: This allows you to respond quickly to all important topics.
What social media plans does your competition currently have ? Competition monitoring is also integrated in the knk365 Social package.

You can check your social media performance directly at any time using meaningful reports and analyses, e.g. with a reach or campaign check. The results are not only absolutely precise, but also save you time-consuming manual reconciliation.

With knk365 Social, your social media accounts are bundled in a single tool, and team functions are part of the program. This makes it easier for you to keep track and coordinate – you have an overview of all relevant interactions and can thus react faster and in a more targeted manner.

One tool for all accounts, intelligently linked analyses and automated internal processes: For you, this means less administrative work, more efficient workflows, and more room for projects that are close to your heart.

We feel the same way! That’s why all our cloud solutions are fully certified, DSGVO-compliant and offer you the highest level of security on the market. All our servers are located in Europe and North America.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Cross-channel social media management
  • Interact with the community in real time
  • Easy identification of your influencers
  • Continuous competition and success analysis
  • Recognize and integrate trends
  • Perfectly match your content to the interests of your readers

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