Whoever wants to retain customers in the long term,
must be able to respond quickly and individually to their problems.

Good support for existing customers is a critical success factor for publishers to build long-term partnerships. This includes ensuring that your service team is sufficiently aware of the customer’s current standing, as well as the status of communications, so it can offer a meaningful solution at any time. At the same time, customer self-service tools – such as support portals and chatbots – must be integrated into the service hub.

knk365 Customer Service brings together a ticket system, SLA management, ticket routing and knowledge management.

Customer requests are automatically assigned, critical data is classified, and the support process is subsequently identified and communicated. Different platforms and channels are linked to form seamless 360° support, eliminating friction and time wasted through repetitive data entry or tedious searches. A benefit that you pass on directly to your customers!

Our solutions make it easy.

In customer service, significant time is often consumed with repeat requests that increase resource requirments and complicate workflow. knk365 Customer Service helps you quickly assign customer requests and to find the best possible solution in the shortest time by intelligently linking all channels – for recurring requests as well as for more complex scenarios.

Customer service often has to tediously review the last interactions in order to get up to speed. With knk365 Customer Service, your team has an immediate overview of the previous course of action and can build upon it: a 360° customer file additionally facilitates planning and organization.

knk365 Customer Service recognizes similar cases: The system assigns and classifies requests, and connects them to comparable situations across all channels. Context-related references help agents solve customer problems quickly and professionally.

Through knk365 Customer Service, relevant customer data and information about the service contract is stored directly and displayed for Customer Support – e.g. contact persons and their role in the company, their business relationships and company associations.

knk365 Customer Service offers you analytic tools to optimize your service, e.g. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice: By combining customer data with Customer Voice survey results, you can evaluate support insights, analyze customer feedback and thus gradually improve your service.

knk365 Customer Service makes it easy for you to share your knowledge on community portals, collaborate, exchange tips and use extensive information from other professionals via a knowledge database.

There is an intelligent system behind it:
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Ticket, routing, SLA and knowledge management in one system
  • Seamless 360° support across all relevant channels
  • Manual effort and system downtime are minimized
  • Integration of support portals, telephone or chatbot solutions
  • Integration with MS Outlook and Teams
  • Integration of ERP data
  • Reporting options (e.g. on topics or ticket volume)

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