Today, sales and advertising strategies can be flexibly adapted
with fast and reliable analyses of existing data.

Statistics and data have become a currency that is indispensable in today’s media world: In order to keep pace with developments and remain competitive, publishing and media organizations must react quickly. And that means being able to adapt their own strategies to sales and distribution challenges.

With knk365 BI & Analytics, you use an intelligent system to create informative reports and analyses around sales, marketing and service: Thanks to a modern system architecture in the background, each individual department can call up all relevant KPIs for their business areas as needed with just a few clicks – from sales reporting to analysis, to subscription retention or advertising success analyses. This means that CRM data can be used and evaluated even more effectively with significantly less effort on the employees’ part. Also, all analyses can be accessed on the move and are therefore available for convincing customers using professional tools and arguments.

Our solutions make it easy.

With knk365 BI & Analytics you have the capability to analyze revenues, customer developments, and sales on a daily basis. As a result, you can quickly change your sales and marketing plans and optimize them again and again ¬- and without time-consuming manual analyses.

knk365 BI & Analytics combines what makes sense: The system connects the customer data from your CRM with commercial data and develops meaningful analyses from them. The resulting insights help you with budget planning, marketing and wherever business processes need to be carefully planned and controlled.

With the analysis tools from knk365 BI & Analytics, you get an immediate impression of how your activities are received, which of your offerings are successful , and how campaigns develop. This allows you to respond faster and in a more targeted manner.

knk365 BI & Analytics delivers the desired analyses quickly and without further effort for the respective departments. They can call up the KPIs relevant to their area at any time.

All numbers and analyses generated via knk365 BI & Analytics can also be accessed on the move, e.g. via smartphone or tablet. This gives your sales staff the opportunity to convince customers with valid, up-to-date information during on site sales presentations.

With knk365 BI & Analytics, your teams have the capability to enter current figures into recurring reports without manual effort, which will then be sent directly to management (e.g. every week or every month, as needed). This way, everyone sees the overview automatically, without having to enter new data into Excel spreadsheets each time.

There is an intelligent system behind it:
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Daily up-to-date figures and statistics without additional effort
  • Individually relevant data for each department
  • More efficient evaluation of your CRM data
  • Effortless individual analysis
  • Available via mobile, tablet and PC

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